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Run and don't walk. You will regret it, perhaps not now but later.

Anything associated with Everett financial is to be avoided like the plague. Read all about them and their dbas. They participated greatly in the great mortgage melt down and lax underwriting. Your paperwork will change and there is much broker fraud with this company.

Give it all the stars your wish, but do not say you were not warned. I would give this ten starts in the hole if it were possible.

Do your homework as it better to be safe than sorry. You will be very sorry!

Product or Service Mentioned: Supreme Lending Mortgage.

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Yes Please do not go with them, they change many hands in 1 transaction and the amounts change too (not for better or lower but higher). I had 3 friends who experienced same issues as me.

At the time of signing, read very carefully (if you HAVE to go with them) the amount that was told to you will be totally different.

The closing cost will somehow add on $$ not by hundreds of dollars but by thousands.

Yes run.....don't walk!

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