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LendingTree got us to Ashford in Alpharetta in Aug 09 and then we experienced our first mysterious and worrisome delay. We were told that the business had changed to Supreme Lending and that delays were due integration issues.

We have very good credit,have been steadily employed etc and live in a very desirable neighborhood with stable, rising home prices defying the bust.

We were supplied with an acceptable GFE in September 2009, had a successful appraisal and submitted material for many separate additional and unexpected requests then were SCHEDULED TO CLOSE -the title company had called and was coming to our house one day in early December. We canceled travel plans to accommodate that. Supreme canceled via voicemail and we reached a dead end thereafter when our calls were not returned - including messages and voicemails for our agent's supervisor and the branch manager. It was only after we called Texas multiple times that we finally heard back from Supreme in late January who wanted to restart the process.

We understand that the underwriting rules and debt/loan ratio have changed since our original GFE due to changes in regulations. We were then given a new GFE with higher interest (we were told REPEATEDLY that the original rate would be honored. ) The new GFE requires ~60,000 cash to the table which we are prepared to provide we were then told that it would be too difficult to get that loan because of the amount of money we want to put in

We wrote to request a return our $400 dollar appraisal fee (we were promised in all of the initial conversations and the first GFE that this would be reimbursed).

This cost us hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in lost savings but the worst part of this experience is the unprofessional aspects of Supreme's behavior and communications with us. WE BENT OVER BACKWARDS TO DO WHAT WE WERE ASKED and they did NOT perform and NEVER replied to our requests after that last conversation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Supreme Lending Loan.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #689450

I have a very negative experience as well they started the loan process I told them up front that I had one apartment lease that I could not get removed from my credit they told me it wasn't a problem.ONLY after I paid the appraisal fee- inspection fee, $500 to the title company did they tell me they could NOT get the loan. In total I lost $2,560.

They idn't answer my calls and when I sued them in 2012 bI sued who I thought was the owner and since I sued Scott Everret owner of Supremen Lending and the actual conpany is Everret Financial the case got throw out. The law helps these people get away with everything.

They know the loopholes.They have unlimited income but I have faith and that is much more stronger. I just don't want others to get taken advantage of.


I do not recomend this place to work for at all. They took all of my branch reserves and closed my location with out any notice or cause.

We were profitable every month.

I would not recomend for anyone to work for them. Or get a loan from them

to Old Manager Of Supreme Lending Russells Point, Ohio, United States #582719

Old Manager of Supreme Lending, this question is for you. Who is Gayna Yeager?

What is an A & P coordinator?

to Old Manager Of Supreme Lending Russells Point, Ohio, United States #612489

Old Manager of Supreme Lending

Please email me at jckcrvr@yahoo.com

I would like to more about this company.

Thank you.

to Old Manager Of Supreme Lending #722988

Old manager of Supreme Lending

I am considering affiliating with Supreme Lending. Would like to hear more about your experience. My email is oforiko@gmail.com

to Kofi Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1122074

Did you ever start business with Supreme Lending? I have read nothing but bad things about them, and I have to opportunity to work with them. I just wanted to know if your process was any different from the bad reviews

Thank you

to Angela #1318551

Beware go far away. Liars, snakes, and thieves.

right Gayna Yeager? I know too.

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